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Charging could be as easy as going to Starbucks (Part 1)

Volvo could be on a mission with Starbucks

The possibilities are endless..

It has been said that”The U.S. has a goal to reach. Can they?. Who are the competitors?

Charging could be as easy as going to Starbucks

Chargepoint is here but are they here to stay?

The swedish automaker stated it’s pilot project plans to install 60 Volvo Charge point stations at Starbucks locations around the US.

Chargepoint aims to provide a charging station every 100 miles, at many different different Starbucks locations in the US. Starting bring a new electric vehicles charging station. Really, this will be several and if you have not caught up on the news about this it has already happened.

I personally believe at this point, that this could very well become the new way of driving in a few years…the most important thing would be the battery..

And the cost to the Consumer

Although, with every new product and innovation there are always problems and kinks to work out.

So what are we talking about here? Why are the reasons for moving over to EV? And who are the leaders?

Everyone wants to beat Tesla

China wants to be the world leader for Electric vehicles. They started investing in this more than a decade ago.

The US is trying to catch up with China. China has the most, and Europe would be second on the list of the most bought EV’s according to one news source.

The problem still remains about the battery and its longevity etc.

Volvo and Starbucks are joining force’s to bring you a new experience in EV.

Put your Volvo into drive and start your engines!

Mercedes Benz as an EV? Who knows?

Pic (below)

Plans for the Volvo

So when will all this be complete and really, more affordable to the customer?

I guess those would be the questions..

I guess we’ll see if this all comes together and all cars, trucks etc. go electric!

The latest Telsa is now in the 46, 000 to $60,000 range at the low end

Let’s look at other automakers getting into EV….

This is not the Volvo we all know lol.

Classic wagon

Will there be a Comeback?


Link to news story (video):

Maybe the VW has actually made more sales with EV according to the news source above.

I hope this was a helpful article read more on this subject here

According to a news source VW has produced the most vehicles and has been the fastest (let’s say), and the most successful to date! Yes, really! Beating out Tesla.


I’ll update with a second blog soon

Basically there are many who are trying to solve and create a super battery.

My final thoughts and summary of the article

I think that we are a a pretty unique time in history in which this could very well be a very exciting change in the way that we get around on a daily basis.

And, it is affordable.

More details


Taken from their website

For more than a decade, we’ve been building the fueling network of the future. Now, someone plugs into the ChargePoint network every second. We’ve delivered more places to charge than anyone else, and people count on us for charging all day, every day.

  • Access hundreds of thousands of places to charge with one account

  • 98 million charges delivered (and counting)

  • 76% of Fortune 50 companies are ChargePoint customers

  • 5,000 customers amplify our efforts

**The Charging station available through Charge point will be Located about every 100 miles, well within the battery range of most electric vehicles.

“The effort could make charging Volvo pure electric models as easy as going to Starbucks.”

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Why Automakers Choose ChargePoint

Automakers choose ChargePoint because they want to provide their drivers with fast and easy access to the world’s largest charging network.

Products and Services

  • Access to a station map data with real-time availability

  • ChargePoint data integration with in-dash navigation units

  • Mobile app for your drivers

  • Advanced analytics on driver charging behavior

  • Comprehensive dealer training materials

  • Design, development and deployment of car sharing programs

**UPDATE! Where to buy a new Tesla.

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