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man in blue jacket lying on blue and white tent
man in blue jacket lying on blue and white tent














The Overall Picture




Affordability remains a crisis.. For now







So, really, to me it’s about taking stock…and Assessing your life.


What I`ve been trying to do over the last two or three years, is to try to find any home for sale, any cheap fixxer up house, or any foreclosed homes near me.  I have even looked at cheap houses in Japan!


But, unfortunately, I do not have the money to put down as a down payment for any property at this time.






Where are you now? What are you doing now? Your living situation

Put your thinking cap on!



If this happens to you..that you become homeless..I suggest that you get over the devastation really quick.

Don’t dwell too much on how you got to the point you are at now.



Just move on.

Disclaimer: In this blog post I’m just offering some solution’s, and I don’t have all the answers.


To begin with..  


Do you have supportive friends and family? Anyone that you can lean on even temporarily?

Think. Really, think.

Other Options to think about..


Consider the list below….



1. Tiny home

2. Garage

3. Cabin (build your own)

if you have the time & resources.

4. Living in your car

Cities Places that you can go off grid!



US, Canada and abroad.









At the time of the writing of this blog..things have begun to get a lot worse with the price of renting an apartment going up in Canada.

Myself, I want to find a home for sale close to me.



And the list goes on..


Some of you might be out in the Los Angeles area, so I put together a list of place that you an sleep in your car.  (At the moment).



10 best places to sleep in your car in Los Angeles. Most of these can be accomplished and ventured in other cities as well.


1. Casinos

2. Gym’s (24 hrs)

3. Hotels

4. Hospitals

5. Down a side road.. just out of the area.

6. Walmart

7. Rent a friend’s parking spot by the month (or someone else’s parking spot or garage)

8. (Possibly) In the parking lot area of and RV campground.

9. A parking lot near a beach.  I suggest asking around and talking to the locals that are staying overnight as you want to do.

10. Park in a friend’s driveway (Free!)





-Get the amount of rest that you can..a decent amount.. and then get on with your day.  The best you can.


Other Cities










Places that you can go to stay overnight



Gyms, hotels, malls and casinos.



Think of this as a bump in the road..


Stop somewhere that is safe, quiet, and free of charge. It’s also important to have access to facilities such as using the bathroom or taking a shower in the morning.


Take advantage of cheap accommodation and work, SAVE your money!



There are often many easy places you can park overnight and have at least a few hours’ sleep before continuing your journey..


**All of the locations discussed above are places where you can sleep in your car legally, but, in general you’ll have to do a bit more research.




You should always check the law in the state/city you are in before following the advice in this blog post.

I will also be discussing sleeping at rest stops, Walmart, and other safe spots.



Continues below..




When I lived in Toronto it was suddenly getting a little too expensive.  Even for someone with a decent income.   I knew after the pandemic… I had to get out.  Or I should.

And..I finally did!


Toronto (Downtown)

The wait for social housing seems like an eternity. So, there is definitely room for improvement from the city council when it comes to the local housing strategy.


What Can you afford?



-Hotels by the month-

Some Hotels allow you to pay by the month.


RV Lifestyle

If you have an RV you can live at a campsite.


Temporary Shelters

There are a lot of available shelters in every city.







I don’t remember everything about western Canada

California is like this, I believe so… here

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a bedroom with a bed and a window
a bedroom with a bed and a window
brown 4-layer bricked building
brown 4-layer bricked building
aerial photo of city during golden hour
aerial photo of city during golden hour