Prepare For Winter Weather Part 2

8/22/20234 min read

a trailer parked in the snow next to a forest
a trailer parked in the snow next to a forest

RV LIVING – Preparation for Winter Weather (Part #2)




How to Prepare RV for Winter Weather..

RV Living Preparing for another winter

 So, you might be thinking that you want to experience the RV lifestyle and travel fulltime...but what about the winter? You have a travel trailer and want to go fulltime RV living...what do you do?

In this blog I will be providing some rv living fulltime tips for beginner`s. I have been learning about this lifestyle by doing some research on the internet (from the people living on the road fulltime), and I have also learned from some of my family as well about living in Motorhomes.



Winter do’s and don’ts

1) It’s best to keep the fresh water tank valve open over night

2) Seal the window`s and doors

3) Install window covering

4) Use heavy drapes

5) Insulate the floors

Propane Use



How to prepare a winterized RV & The proper use of propane

The Proper Use of Propane

Propane heater may be & is probably ok & safe to use.

Things can happen it’s best to be prepared..



In Vancouver, BC  “When it rains it pours lol. ”

Some Tips

  • Seal the windows and doors. Examine the seals and caulking around your RV windows and replace any areas that are missing or weak. Replace weather stripping around exterior doors to prevent cold air or moisture from leaking in.

  • Install window covering. Window film and reflective foil are affordable and effective ways to further insulate your RV windows. Foil-lined reflective insulation can be cut to fit your RV windows and has the added bonus of reflecting heat back into the camper.

  • Use heavy drapes. Thick fabric drapes block cold drafts around windows and keep warm air in during chilly evenings. Insulated curtains can also be used to separate the cockpit and living space, so you have a smaller area to heat.

  • Insulate the floors. Foam board flooring can be used to insulate the RV floor. If you prefer not to purchase foam board flooring, heavy rugs or carpets can also help block cold air that may come up.

Install RV skirting. Wind blowing underneath your RV can cause water tanks to freeze and suck heat out. Installing RV skirting around the base of the RV can block cold winds from damaging vehicle components and chilling the interior. Foam boards can also be used with or instead of skirting to better insulate the base of your RV.

Most RV insulation can remain installed throughout the year and requires very little yearly maintenance. Window foil insulation can be easily rolled up and stored during warmer months, and RV skirting can be used year round or stored in the summer.

Out and about in Vancouver


One of the goals that I have in mind for the new year would be to find cheap RV living..if at all possible..

We’ll see..


** TRAVELING DO these top tips




Have fun and be prepared

1. It’s best to have a map of where you are going besides just your GPS

2. When you’re thinking about going on the road, organize and prepare snacks ahead of time.

3. Go with someone who knows the area better than you.

4. Try to arrange your place of overnight stay ahead of time.

5. Get to know others that are living the same lifestyle while you’re out and about. Let’s try to help each other.

How beautiful the outdoors


Continues below..

Skirting can be expensive but it’s a must.

Consider all preventative measures..

Other Options

Vanlife is a possibility also.

But, take caution…in my research and as much as I’ve learned from other’s… this is and will be a whole new world opening up to you!


Keep reading to learn more…

I am not an expert at all! Keep this in mind, and know that I am just passing on some information that may be helpful.

These are other very informative blogs that I give credit to:



Continues below...


And finally you get all this done and you want to take a break.  Go find your favorite cafe and take a chill. Take a break..

You’ve done enough work for today.

Please reference the expert’s that I list beyond this blog.


Here is my list

1. Bob Wells

Cheap RV living

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In Review

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**If want to learn about how to travel on a budget, I might write a new blog about that soon


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people walking on street during night time
people walking on street during night time
people walking on street during nighttime
people walking on street during nighttime
a small camper sits in a field at night
a small camper sits in a field at night