Prepare RV For Winter Living - Part #1

10/6/20223 min read

orange and white class-a motorhome surrounded by snow
orange and white class-a motorhome surrounded by snow

Prepare RV for Winter Living

Prepare RV for winter living

This is Part #1. There may be a Part #2.

When you’re living in the outdoors you don’t want to be cold right?

If you have taken on this adventure, you will want to do things properly.

So here are some things that you should consider doing to prepare for winter living. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this topic, so that I can learn about what I should do in the winter as well. And then I try to lay out all the information in these blogs to share with everyone.

In this blog post I will be providing some brief guidelines, and a video link to learn more details.

***disclaimer I am not an expert. I am just a travel enthusiast like yourself.

Please seek the advice of a professional before taking on any complicated renovation’s with your RV.

Let`s get started....

As a general tip, use reflectix for extra insulation. You can cover your windows to keep the heat inside your RV.

RV Skirting. You must skirt the RV as this keeps the cold from getting in, and foam board skirting is cheaper. But, this can take a whole day to measure and put together. You can have a professional come in and do it but it will be expensive.

You will also need a dehumidifier to prevent condensation.

You will need a fresh water tank fill valve.

You should install heated hoses (use self regulated hose’s). As the weather gets colder outside, the hose heats up so your water doesn’t freeze.

Use a heated sewer hose.

Get a 100 gallon Propane tank and have this installed so you don’t have to replace smaller tanks every week.

You will want your vehicle to be in tip top condition for the winter, so you must replace your tires with new tires, and get new brakes and suspension.

Buy a telescopic snow brush and scrapper to have available when you need it. And, you’re going to need it! Lol.

I would suggest heading over to Home Depot as you’re going to need some insulation materials and supplies.

At Home Depot (plumbing department)

The supplies you’re going to need are;

Buy plumbing foam covering(1/2inch or 3/4 inch) for pipes and (2) rolls of foil tape.

Over in the insulation area of the store

Buy blue insulation board (3 pieces). Put the reflective side towards the airspace..

Buy a roll of r-19 fiber glass material and make sure to take the paper off when you use it.

At the wet bay(of your RV) insulate the bay doors with the insulation board (SET UP YOUR RV WATER RIGHT video for details). The plastic in the wet bay will make it extra cold in the RV. You must set up the wet bay properly. You can take apart the whole wet bay and insulate it with r-19 (see above video).


Also insulate the front door floor area (inside) with the blue board. Make a board to fit the front door area (covering the batteries in the floor) out of the blue board.

And lastly…

Go to the storage area above the front bay. Remove the panels inside each of them (unscrew them). Insulate the inside area with r-19 (remove the paper) and screw the panels back on.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope this information helps!

thanks for reading


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white and brown rv trailer
white and brown rv trailer
white and brown rv on brown grass field during daytime
white and brown rv on brown grass field during daytime