Tiny Homes (Ikea)

1/6/20234 min read

brown wooden gazebo near green trees during daytime
brown wooden gazebo near green trees during daytime

Ikea Tiny homes (Tokyo) Japan






Tiny house Tiny homes Osaka, Japan.

The Good News!

You can still purchase a property now or asap

If you have some money to spend, these could still be available..

Right now, the cost of living is definitely on everyone’s mind these days. And, it doesn’t really matter where you live anymore..the basics are going up.


I personally am hoping to retire early..as early as possible.  But, I’m just doing my thing for now.

Some changes that I’ve made in my life are that I’m now learning about real estate, the current market as we ride this wave…and I’m looking into learning about how to build a low cost house.



At Present: The Real Estate Market

This is in no way to scare you..to buy now.  Or buy later.

I just want to give you some options.

*If you happen to be looking for a few RV dealers.. just know that I am looking for this as well and I will put together a list asap.


The Rental Market

Where to buy Cheap Houses??

Rent affordable apartments?

In 2023

If you’re in Canada.. I would be looking into Alberta, Quebec City or the East Coast..

This is in general.

See My RV List below (if interested)

Maybe you’re looking for an RV to rent or for sale..

An Overview

In my research..this is what I found.


Living in Osaka

Living in Osaka can be very different than living in Tokyo. It’s so unique it even has its own dialect, Osaka-

Osaka is known for its food, in Japan and abroad. Author Michael Booth and food critic François Simon of Le Figaro have suggested that Osaka is the food capital of the world.

Osaka is known for its fine cake, which is made with fresh water from the prefecture’s mountains. What makes Osaka’s culinary experience unique is mostly because the location provides everyone access to high quality ingredients, a high population of merchants, and proximity to the ocean and waterway trade. In recent years, Osaka has started to garner more attention from foreigners with the increased popularity of cooking and dining in popular culture.

Things to do

Day tripping

Osaka is in the centre of Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara and has excellent connections to all of them.

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios is one of the best places to go when you want to take a break from studying. One of the best things to do there is the Universal Cool Japan area that runs for an extended period each year.

Osaka Aquarium

This aquarium is filled with beautiful creatures from the sea. Some of the most spectacular creatures on display are the two whale sharks, although we personally love the cute spotted garden eels.

And there’s more things to do I’m sure.


Myself, I wish I could go visit Japan and just check it out!  Maybe one day..

Here are just a few of the main costs of living in Japan.  This is, again, according to my research as I have not been there.  Yet..


The Overview

Cost of living

An Overview List (In general)

Rental Costs (it varies)

In not so expensive areas 129,000 + (yen)

Food 30, 000 to 60, 000 + (yen).  This depends on what exactly, and how much food you do buy per month of course.

Transportation options

Public transportation would be approximately 11, 000+ per month


Source here




RV’s For Sale

List of Websites (active at the time of publishing)

1. Autotrader here

2. Travel and RV Canada here


*Whether you are looking for RV parks in Florida, California RV parks, or RV parks in Georgia, there are RV parks all over the place..all around the world.


Let’s Continue..

Tiny Apartments in Tokyo

Available Apartments list here

Source link here




Top US For closures!

Foreclosure starts close to pre-pandemic levels nationwide 

Lenders started the foreclosure process on 67,249 U.S. properties in Q3 2022, up 1 percent from the previous quarter and up 167 percent from a year ago — nearly reaching pre-pandemic levels.

“Foreclosure starts, while rising since the end of the government’s foreclosure moratorium, still lag behind pre-pandemic levels,” said Rick Sharga, executive vice president of market intelligence for ATTOM. “Foreclosure activity is reflecting other aspects of the economy, as unemployment rates continue to be historically low, and mortgage delinquency rates are lower than they were before the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Us continues below

Read more here

Source here


Average time to foreclose decreases 4 percent from last year

Properties foreclosed in Q3 2022 had been in the foreclosure process an average of 885 days, down from 948 days in the previous quarter and down 4 percent from 924 days in Q3 2021.

Asia has affordable apartment rentals and homes for sale.  But, this may not be a good idea right now.

Other options in Asia

Tokyo Tiny Apartment here

If you are still considering living in the United States there are still some options available.  And, I’m being optimistic to say the least.

Detroit Homes For Sale List here

And more possibilities in America Forbes list here

I am just passing along information, so don’t consider me any sort of expert.

Look out for my next blog, how to buy a $500 house in Japan!

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people standing near white rv trailer during daytime
people standing near white rv trailer during daytime
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people standing in front of store during night time